Housing Choice Vouchers

The Portsmouth Housing Authority has been allocated 406 Section 8 Vouchers from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. We are also allocating funds with which to operate this program, and these funds cannot be exceeded so depending on the cost of supplying vouchers under this financial cap, the number of vouchers issued may vary from year to year.

The Section 8 program provides Section 8 Vouchers that will provide 70% of the cost of a housing unit up to a stated payment standard per unit. The recipient of the voucher is responsible to search for their units. The units must be inspected and pass a Housing Quality Inspection checklist. The units sought can be within the Portsmouth Area which covers from Milton, New Hampshire to Exeter, New Hampshire and all communities in between. After one year of living within this area, the Vouchers become portable and can be used in any community within the United States jurisdictions.

2015 HUD Income Limits for HCV Effective 03/06/2015:

1 person: $30,650 

2 person: $35,000 

3 person: $39,400 

4 person: $43,750

5 person: $47,250

6 person: $50,750

7 person: $54,250

8 person: $57,750


PS (Effective 1/1/14 if approved today by board):

0 $718

1 $880

2 $1065

3 $1385

4 $1523



The Portsmouth Housing Authority is an Equal Opportunity Housing Provider and has both conventional and handicapped accessible units. We provide housing without discrimination and we make and allow reasonable accommodations to families and individuals who require them.All Our Housing are Smoke Free for the Health of All.

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