Application & Wait List Information

Each Portsmouth Housing property and program has different eligibility and priority guidelines. This is why we encourage everyone to apply so our staff can help determine which properties or programs you are eligible for. For Portsmouth Housing to make this determination, you must first complete our full Preliminary Application and supply documents that our staff may require such as Social Security cards and Birth Certificates.

Your eligibility will be based upon your income, age, disability, citizen or immigration status, and criminal record. These guidelines do vary by program and are adjusted annually.

After you complete this preliminary application process and have been determined to be eligible, you will be placed on the wait list in order of the time of application, the number of priority points you have, and the number of bedrooms that you are qualified for.

Portsmouth Housing gives priority to: Veterans Seniors (62+ years old) People with disabilities People that are employed Residents of Portsmouth.

How to Apply

It’s the same process to apply for housing and to get on the Wait List for housing. Complete the Preliminary Application. (Click on the "Apply Now" button to download the PDF.)

Mail the Preliminary Application with requested documents to 245 Middle Street, Portsmouth NH 03801, or Fax to (603) 436-4937. Wait for the Preliminary Application to be processed. It will take about two weeks if all the paperwork is completed and all of the documents are attached to the application.

Once the Preliminary Application is both processed and approved, the applicant will be placed on the Wait List. The applicant will receive a letter in the mail confirming he/she has has been added to the Wait List.

When a unit becomes available and the applicant is high enough on the Wait List, then he/she will be contacted to come in and fill out the full application. Applicants will receive a letter and a phone call from PHA when their application reaches the top of the Wait List of the property they have requested.