Dayron Gonzalez Wins Portsmouth Little League Good Sport Award

At Portsmouth Little League’s Annual Banquet, Insurecomm Coach Eric Korth announced that Dayron Gonzalez was PLL’s 7/8 division Good Sport Award winner for 2018.   In presenting the award, Coach Korth said that Dayron “brightens the mood the moment he shows up.  He’s polite and has great manners on and off the field.  I’ve never heard him complain about his situation at home or on the field.   He’s a younger player on the scholarship program and loves to play the game and be with his teammates.  His skill has dramatically increased over the season as did his confidence.  He started out in the outfield and has grown into a solid infield back up player.  His entire family attends the games and we include all of them as part of our team.  We have all stepped up to get him rides to and from game

s and practices and his mother is so very appreciative.  Early on when we realized he didn’t have cleats, bat, or bat bag the coaches and parents chipped in to get him those items and he showed such enthusiasm and appreciation for everything.  He is always taking special care of these items to ensure they come home with him every day and are in the best condition they can be.  He has never referred to any of us other than Coach Eric (Mike, Ryan, Todd).  He’s the very first to greet me when I arrive at the field.  “Hi Coach Eric, how was your day?   I’m ready to play” He never complains about his position and is willing to learn from our teachings and translate them to his play on the field. Overall he is a great kid…I’m truly bummed out that our season will be ending at some point and we won’t be able to hang out with him 3 times a week.  I asked him about summer ball in hopes we can scoop him up for the month.  I would have him on any of my teams no questions asked and he has a standing invite at our house for play dates with Hayden.  ”

From all of us at the PHA, congratulations to Dayron and the Gonzalez Family for your great work this year.