All PHA Properties are closed to the public. PHA staff available by telephone and email only.

Click here to view HUD’s flyer addressing Section 8/HCV tenant concerns.
Click here to view HUD’s flyer addressing Multi-family tenant concerns.

Dear Portsmouth Housing Authority Residents:

For the safety of our residents and employees, and upon the advice of state and national health officials, the Portsmouth Housing Authority is closing its offices starting Monday March, 16.

We recognize that this will cause some inconvenience for staff and visitors, and we thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

We are also taking the following measures to ensure our safety:

  • All of our buildings that house multiple families are closed to any non-essential visitors. Only agencies or loved ones that are providing essential services, or people that are delivering essential items such as groceries or medication should be entering any PHA properties.
  • PHA Maintenance staff will be working on a revised schedule to allow for increased frequency of cleaning in all of our multi-family properties.  All high touch surfaces in entryways, handrails, elevators and laundry areas are being cleaned and disinfected daily.  For the time being, we will only be responding to emergency maintenance issues.  Thank you for being understanding and patient with non-emergency work order items.
  • The PHA switchboard will remain open and you will still be able to reach all departments and property managers at 603-436-4310.  Whenever possible, we encourage you to contact us via email.  Email addresses and phone extensions for all departments and management staff can be found on our website at

If you need extra assistance from the PHA Resident Services Team, please call Tammy Joslyn at 603-957-8131 or email at

For any other questions specifically about the Coronavirus please call 2-1-1 on your phone to be connected to additional services and information.

And please continue to wherever possible, stay six feet away from other people, frequently wash and sanitize hands, and avoid contact with surfaces in common areas.  

If you are experiencing any signs of illness, please do call your Doctor before going to the emergency room or clinic.

Thank you for patience and diligence,

Portsmouth Housing Authority.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about your apartment, rent, food, etc., you can email your property manager (emails and phone extensions can be found at ) or call the management office and we will get back to you with an answer.  Everyone may have the same questions so we want to make sure you are getting the correct answers. The following list is to answer questions we have received lately.

  1. Can a family member visit to bring me supplies?
    • For residents who share a common hallway – Yes – within reason. Please make sure they are not sick in anyway. Please make sure it is for a brief time and that they only go to your apartment. This includes meals on wheels or other food delivery services.
  2. I cannot go to the grocery store to shop for food – is there anyone who can help me?
    • Yes, please call the office and leave a voice mail message or you can email the property managers or Tammy/Olivia in Resident Services (603-957-8131).
  3. Is it true I don’t have to pay rent in April?
    • No that is not true.  Everyone still has to pay their rent as scheduled.  The Governor of NH and HUD have issued guidance that we cannot process evictions at this time but we are still charging rent and you will still have to pay rent.
  4. I lost my job (or my hours were reduced). How do I report this?
    • Please call the management office or email the property manager.  You can also write a note or fill out the Change of Income form near the property management office, drop it in one of the drop boxes, and we will contact you for more information. Change of Income form can also be found on our website through this link:
  5. Can I leave my apartment?
    • We cannot forbid residents from leaving their apartment. Follow the CDC guidelines and your own discretion during this time. We understand individuals still may need to report to work.
  6. All apartment inspections have been postponed at this time. We will reschedule in the future and let you know in writing when that will happen.
  7. All work orders are still being called in. We are only completing emergency work orders at this time but we can assess work orders that may be urgent.
  8. Please do not disturb the PHA maintenance staff while they are cleaning the buildings. They must observe 6-foot social distancing rules.  If you have any questions, please contact the management office.