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What is Resident Services?

Understanding and Utilizing Your Resident Services Coordinator

Resident Service Coordinators (RSC’s) are assigned to every property and are here to connect residents with local programming, resources and services and to help foster a fun, dynamic and supportive community where everyone feels at home.

Some of the most common areas an RSC may be able to help with are:

  • If you are a resident having hardship with finances, experiencing food insecurity, need support with making ends meet or paying your bills
  • Referrals for individuals and families experiencing issues regarding health, health benefits or home healthcare services
  • Connections to community services and supports such as senior & youth centers, mental health services, services for older adults and/or disabled individuals
  • Information and referrals to continuing education and workforce readiness opportunities
  • If you have family or personal concerns that are affecting your tenancy

To schedule an appointment, please see the “Contact” tab to connect with your Resident Service Coordinator today!

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Resident FAQs

Rent is due the first day of each month.

Any rental payments received after the 7th day of the month will incur a late fee of $20.

You can call Portsmouth Housing's main office at 603-436-4310 or email the Property Managers. Visit our Contact page for contact info.

Rent can be paid online through RentPayment; sign up on the website to pay electronically by clicking here.

Alternatively, rental payments can be brought or mailed to your Property Manager's office or to Portsmouth Housing's main office at 245 Middle Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801.

Contact your Property Manager or call the main office at 603-436-4310 and press "0." If after hours, call the same number and press "0" to be connected to the emergency on-call service.

Residents will be charged as follows:

  • Lockout after hours first offense - No charge
  • Lockout after hours, second offense - $30
  • Lockout after hours, third offense - $70
  • Lock replacement - $150 (4 locks per unit)
  • Lock replacement - $50 (1 lock per unit)
  • New key - $5 per key

In an emergency, please dial 911 immediately. To report a non-urgent safety concern, please make note of the specific date and time of the safety concern and contact your Property Manager at 603-436-4310 or call evening Security staff at 603-605-4449.

Guests or visitors may not be housed for more than 14 days total in any 12-month period without the written consent of the Portsmouth Housing Authority. In addition, any guest or visitor who stays either in the private dwelling or the Portsmouth Housing Authority premises for more than 6 hours in any consecutive days shall be considered a guest subject to the overnight policy. Furthermore, residents shall not permit day guests to loiter on the Portsmouth Housing Authority premises.

Should you wish to request an extension of the 14-day limit, the request must be in writing and delivered to the appropriate development office. Your request will be reviewed and you will be advised in writing whether or not it has been approved.

Residents must give prompt written notice to PHA if they leave their apartment unoccupied for any period exceeding two weeks.

Portsmouth Housing does allow some pets within certain restrictions and prior written permission by the PHA. What is and is not allowed is listed in our Pet Policy.

Assignment of parking spaces are done through your Property Manager and are different for each property. Ask your Property Manager for parking-related information.

If there is a non-urgent defect in any of PHA's apartments or common areas, please call our main office during our regular office hours at 603-436-4310 or report it to your Property Manager. PHA is not responsible for maintaining, lifting, hanging, or repairing any resident's personal property.

The PHA only allow transfers that are related to a reasonable accommodation request. Contact your Property Manager.

Please pick up a tenant report form at the management office to fill out and give to the property manager or desk attendant. You can also email the property manager with a complaint, compliment, or report. If it is a complaint about PHA staff and you do not feel comfortable reporting it to the Property Manager, you can email it directly to the Deputy Director or Executive Director or call the office and ask for either of them.

Yes. You can email or call your Resident Services Coordinator.

In order for residents to have trust in their relationship with their RSC, it is important for residents to know that the information they reveal to the service coordinator will not be discussed with anyone. This means that personal information is not revealed to anyone, including property staff or resident’s family, without written permission, unless required by law. Exceptions to the Right of Confidentiality: federal and/or state law or federal housing regulations may require the service coordinator to disclose the following information:

  • Adult Protective Services referrals-- it may be necessary to report residents who are endangered or exploited.
  • Disclosure may be required to provide information pursuant to a proper court order.
  • It may be necessary to report any information related to suspected fraudulent activity or other violations of federal, state and/or local housing law, regulations or other lease violations on the part of the resident.
  • It may be necessary for federal staff from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or Quality Assurance staff of the housing organization to review randomly-selected files solely for the purpose of assuring that the service coordinator is complying with all federal laws and regulations and is providing quality service coordination services.
  • Finally, as a condition of participation in this housing program, the resident agrees as stated in the lease that any employee or contractor, including service coordinators, has a responsibility to report lease violations to the property manager.

Our Resident Service Coordination program aims to match our residents with the services and supports that can help them achieve their goals. To talk to a Resident Service Coordinator, call our Resident Services office  or send an email to Our Resident Services team members are also available to meet with and work collaboratively with our residents to assess, plan, facilitate, coordinate, evaluate, and advocate for services to meet an individual’s or family’s needs.

No, Resident Services Coordination is free for Portsmouth Housing residents.

See our Contact page on this site.

To be eligible for our Resident Services program, you must sign a “Consent for Service Coordinator to Release Information” form. The properly completed form will allow the Service Coordinator to discuss the resident’s goals and aspirations and to connect with community service providers, family members, physicians, educators, and other individuals.

The Resident Advisory Board is made up of Portsmouth Housing Authority tenants.. Through a series of regular meetings, Portsmouth Housing Authority reviews policy, practices, and program goals with the Resident Advisory Board, and documents members’ comments and recommendations.

If you are interested in getting involved in your community as a member of the Resident Advisory Board, please contact Resident Services at 603-436-4310 ext 131 or via email at